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As students gained greater mastery of writing skills through blogging and learned about their roles and responsibilities as good digital citizens, we encouraged them to host their own blogs on, which could ultimately be integrated into a student portfolio on Sites using their Google accounts for school.

Here are Susan's instructions for migrating from Kidblog to Blogger:

Students, it is now time for you to think about creating your own blog on using your school account. You have mastered the art of blogging and can now consider where you want to go with these skills. Remember, though, that you will still be in a school environment and that you should make good choices online. We may not be able to save your blogs on Kidblog forever, and you should consider curating a portfolio of your best work, including your blogs, to include in a future Google Site. You can actually set up the site to import your blog directly (Google it!).
Here's how to migrate your blog to
1. Go to
1A. Log in if needed.1B. Log in to your school account.1C. Choose account type -- select "limited account" on the right. (You may not use Google+ on your school account until you are older, so this option will not work for you.)
2. Add new blog.
3. Give your blog an address. (usually the name of the blog or blogger). For instance, I tried this out by creating msdavislair, which translates to .
4. Choose a template.
5. Create a post -- this is usually your welcome or "about me" post for the new blog. Note: Tags are called labels on blogger.
6. Publish.
7. Copy and paste any blogs you want to save to your new blog.
8. Share your new blog address on your last Kidblog post (or give it to your teacher to share in a post on Kidblog).

I hope this helps you continue growing as a writer and blogger who is independent and responsible for what he or she creates!