We collected student feedback at two points -- midway through the blogging year (early March) and at the end (May). First, we asked students to complete a survey using Google Forms. Next we asked students to write reflections on standardized questions about their blogging experience. Additional data from sixth-grade bloggers was collected by Susan at a former school. It can be accessed "6th-Graders Have Their Say: Why Students Value Blogging." At her previous school, students who blogged in 6th grade demonstrated notable growth in Writing Concepts and Skills and in Vocabulary on standardized tests.

Mid-Year Blogging Survey and Reflections

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Please share any other ways you feel your writing has changed as a result of blogging.

I feel that I can write without changing anything because I feel more confident in my writing. I'm also not afraid to make mistakes because now I have learn how to proofread and edit a lot better than before
Blogging has helped me to enjoy reading others blog posts. It has also helped me to practice my grammar.I liked when we did the free blogs because any topic was available for us to write about. Since we were writing about anything, I could be very creative.I think blogging was an interesting experience but the thing I enjoyed blogging the most was my poem.Blogging has helped me to see writing for what it is, and not just a boring school subject. Writing long essays and assignments were good for me, but it never really made writing fun. It was enjoyable not because it didn't take work but because it took a lot of work. I was proud of the work that I did because it was free and allowed me to use my imagination. I felt like I was finally writing for a purpose and not just because it was something I was supposed to do.I feel like blogging has encouraged my writing.Blogging when we have the choice to write about our own topic is WAY better. That way, I have more ideas to write about.I feel that I have become more aware of my writing and that I have taken more time in making sure that it is the best it can be.I feel like I have gotten closer with my mind by knowing what is wrong and what is right.For the past three quarters, I felt blogging allowed me to look at my classmate's ideas and look at different perspectives of my writng. It gave me an opportunity be able to share my interest and hobbies with others and vise versa. Overall, blogging have me the opportunity to have a hint of excitement when writing the usual essay.I feel like my writing has changed because I have become aware that my classmates or peers are reading what I am writing. It isn't just for the teacher anymore. I like it, yet I dont. Sometimes it makes me a little self conscious to put up a piece of my writing for everyone to see. Although, I have realized that I am going to need to be comfortable with sharing my work with the public. I appreciate that blogging has been in my life and it has helped me improve my writing as well.I feel that I have become better at displaying information through writing than before. For example in my first blog posts I just relied relied on the knowledge in my head nod didn't give any sources. But now I find articles for examples of my blog post and the information inside as well as referencing the information. I also find that I catch more mistakes that I make. In my first blog post I didn't proof read at all. Although the blog posts have few mistakes that's because Ms. Davis proofread them. Now I find my self reading my writing back to myself, even though I don't find myself catching all my mistakes at least I'm fixing mor of mine.I am more interested writing. Instead of just writing regular research papers, we were able to write about things that we wanted to write about. It made me more interested and eager to write another blog post. I was engaged in my writing.I get more scared to turn in my work because I know that many people can read my work.I think it has allowed me to practice expressing my opinion in my writing more.I feel as if I have a few ways to think about what to write. The things my teacher will think, my classmates, my parents, and myselfII feel that blogging has opened up a new sort of writing for me. I really enjoy it.Im less ridged in the way I write and it feels more personal than a normal assignment.I feel like blogging is more stressful than regular writing. When I write an essay, usually it's only my teacher who reads the piece, but for blogging a lot more people read my writings. When I write blogs, I feel like I have to work more to interest my reader, so I have to pick a topic that people actually would like to read.When blogging was introduced at the beginning of the year, I was not excited from this idea. I thought it would be silly and boring. Now, I realized the blogging opened up my perspective on different types of writing. It is fun to get to see and read the different posts that classmates have to offer. I began blogging as writing little, and not using my imagination to come up with all the different possibilities of adjectives and adverbs. When looking at my most recent blog post, I had so many ideas and details to write about that I wrote about 800 words, but my forst blog I pnly wrote about 300.I like how we could get to choose a free topic because it actually engaged me in writing, and made me feel free about expressing my feelings.I feel that with all my blogs, I get to practice my writing skills more often. I get feedback from my peers and my teacher, Ms. Davis. I feel that my writing has improved, and Ithink its a good way for students to practice writing while opening their ideas to the world.I think blogging is the most awesome thing we've done this year! Blogging has helped me to write with more voice. I can see that my first posts were quite bland. My favorite part of blogging is its creative element. Arranging images and customizing the look makes blogging much more engaging and interesting. The free posts really helped me to actually have fun while writing.I've become more aware of just how much I write compared to other students.I feel a bit more free to share with my peers and I think about how my audiences will react to my posts.Since I have started blogging, I have become more aware of the different kinds of vocabulary that I have been using throughout the years I have spent at school.It's a fun thing to do because it lets me share my ideas with the world...I don't think my writing has changed because I have been getting the same grades on all of my blogs.Looking over all my blogs, I feel like I only changed as a writer, just a little. But in reality, I took a huge step in the right direction with my writing. Not only have I become more aware of my readers, but I have been able to be free and honest with myself, and the rest of the world. Before, I only thought of writing as essays, but now it feels like I'm writing my own book. I am very able to express myself without holding back, and with no regrets.Writing blogs has definetly helped me grow as a writer in numerous ways. From my word choice, to my overall attitude towards writing, blogging has truly made me a better writer. I really enjoyed blogging and I will continue to blog.I feel like blogging has helped me improve my writing skills in a way that keeps me entertained at the same time. It has helped me improve my punctuation and description skills. I enjoy that I can share information about a topic I want to write about.When I write blogs and short stories, I feel excited because I can write whatever I want. I can let my imagination run wild and share my knowledge with other.I think blogging is a good modern twist on learning to love writing.I've learned to write in shorter paragraphs that explain and describe thoroughly. Even though I have improved my writing, I still need to work on proofreading and editing.I don't like "fame," so I try to keep my ideas simple.I now feel as I can use more of my voice more then just things off of the internet. I feel more proud of my writing and enthusiastic to do it. I also love the fact that we are able to use pictures in our blog.I feel like my writing sounds clearer so people can clearly understand what i'm trying to say. Also, i think that my writing is overall better because of being able to read other peoples blogs and learn new blogging skills.When I write, I now understand how to be aware of the littlest mistakes that make up the whole writing piece. I also think blogging helps me to become more interested in the prompt.Blogging is okay. Better than papers ThanksWell... I definitely think I've begun to use WAY more adjectives, because everyone else's writing is amazing compared to mine. I don't think I have the best writing ideas for blog posts, I mean, I'll write a post but then it seems to come out as a rant or something. Blogging has been fun though, I've enjoyed it. It was much better than normal assignments. My favorite assignment has been the story, mine was really scattered, everyone seemed to have a great time writing it. I think I have to take a little bit more seriously now. Oh and another thing, teachers should do this more often so student have a reason to write good, proper grammar and stuff, in order not to get judged by other classmates. Another thing, more time please.I feel like blogging made me enjoy writing more. At the beginning of the year I didn't want to write the blogs and didn't like it, but now it' spun for me to write about what I do.My grammar is improving, and my content is better than before.Blogging has caused me to act as an audience towards my own writing, and blogging also helps me to find different ways to spark the reader's interest through my writing.My writing is more clear because of bloggingBlogging, for me, is a type of writing that is much different than the traditional essay. There were times when I was able to be a bit informal, writing about myself, and a stronger sense of freedom as to what I could write about. My opinion of writing has changed since blogging, and I believe that I would love to continue.Free blogs allow me to express things I feel are important to me, and I also get to see what everyone else writes about and what things are important to them.I feel that this style of writing because I have more freedom of what to write about and how I want. It helps me try different things to talk about to everyone. I think that this teaching method help me appreciate what I write about more.Since I came to this school, in English, my writing dramatically changed with blogging.Since the writing is shorter, I feel like I take more time to proofread things. I also like to do the blogging over grammar.I can see all of my mistakes and it's a great way to help improve my grammar

End-of-Year Blogging Survey and Reflections

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Please share any other ways you feel your writing has changed as a result of blogging.

Now, I focus more on what I am going to write and I proofread more.
Blogging has helped me so much as a writer. I have become more confident, worked on my grammar errors and got to share my voice with the world. Spending a lot of time on blogs, and then having people comment on them and say it's good, really made my confidence level go up. Also, since many people were going to be able to read my blogs, I tried my very best to make sure there were no silly grammar errors. Also, blogging has changed my whole perspective on writing. Now, writing has a purpose to me. Whenever Ms. Davis says things like, "Okay guys, now let's write blog number 6!", I get all excited because I love to share my thoughts with the world. Blogging allowed me to share my thoughts, opinions and perspective on a topic. Blogging has benifitied me in so many ways and I'm truly greatful for the experience.I really enjoyed blogging. It gave me a challenge to write to my best sinse other peers and even maybe strangers would be reading and judging my work. I really enjoy how creative I was able to get and it was fun to add pictures. I hope others after me get to experience 7th grade blogging!I think that it helped me a lot for my writing because it let us write about we wanted to and it helped me to work more with writing.Blogging helped me proof read my writing more. I add more details and try to write meaningful peices.It's more creative.I feel like my writing has improved because now I usually show more details than I did at the beginning of the year.I like to now make stories on my own. I like to make fictional stories and other types of stories now.I have been more engaged and open to what I want to write we get lots of time and it makes me comfortable.I feel more natural when I write and I feel like I can express myself more when I write. I feel like I have no brick wall in front of me when it comes to writing.I think my writing has improved since I started blogging because I have started to be more confident about my writing and I feel like my grammar and other writing skills have improved.Blogging has made it available for me to view my classmate's work as well as my own so i think that that change has been pretty fun, also it kind of takes writing more seriously I think because people are actually going to see it.I feel I take more care in my writing in proofreading and editing mor than anytime before. I also believe I am able to apply concepts I learn much better.When I started blogging, honestly, I sucked. But over the year, Ms. Davis really helped me and improved my writing. At the end, I saw my improvement in the words I say that I haven't used before. Ms. Davis, always asks me to come for extra help to edit my blog post, but I never came. Later, when it was too late, I noticed it helps and I strongly encourage her future students to ask for help and not make the same mistake as me.Now I feel more confident about sharing my writing with others. Before, I used to hate peer editing :(, but now I guess I'm okay with it because everyone's going to see it on the blog.This was a great way of brainstorming ideas.I learned how to write for an audienceI feel more appreciative of writing. I like to think of writing as fun and not as work.Open the blogs up to the world moreBlogging helped me change my perspective on writing because I know many people are going to read my posts.My writing has changed because of this blog by broadening my perspective on the many things that you can write about. Seeing others ideas and the things that they chose to write about really opened up my mind.It has allowed me to put a lot of thought into it knowing that the whole world can see it.I have learned more grammar over the year and I feel that I have used the grammar in my writing in my papers and blogs. My writing made my blogging more detailed and meaningful.I feel that my writing has more voice now because I got to express myself through the blog posts. I also feel like my writing is more interactive as a result.I like reading moreI feel my writing has improved greatly because I learned more about grammar. It has made my writing better. I also learned how to find more interesting topics that people enjoy reading.I really think I have grown as a writer over this year.The details are now more specific.I am writing with more detailI feel that blogging showed me how to clearly communicate to people.My writing has become more easier to read (as in it makes more sense). I also feel more engaged to write than before.I think blogging has encouraged me to write over the thought of the paper being an actual assignment in class. I put more thougt and meaning into my writting, most of the time. I also felt like it helped my grammar improve becuase we continued our blog through out the year and you can see some improvements. Overall I think blogging a a good thing, but it could be a difficulty to keep the blog active and running through out the year.My writing has changed dramatically. I've gotten better at writing with more details.I think my writing has changed due to blogging. Not significantly, but I can tell it did.I think blogging is a great way to engage reader and writer interaction.More personality in writingI feel like I understand the true joy in writing.It boosted your confidence and let's your mind think about many things in life.I think that my writing has changed because I have developed more of a "biased" opinion, and I can "see both sides of the argument."(which I'm not sure Is a good or bad thing.) I also use more description in my writing, and have written more in my writing.