Leslie (Short Writing Assignments)

Student Comments
For the most part, the comments were quite positive. Here are some of the direct quotations.
  • I take my writing more seriously.
  • I included more detail and am more aware of my writing.
  • Blogging is a type of writing which is much different than traditional essays.
  • Blogging caused me to act as an audience.
  • Since the writing was so much shorter (3-4 paragraphs), I could take more time to proofread.
  • I feel a if I have a few ways to think about what to write; the things my teacher will think, my parents, and myself.
  • It's a fun thing to do because it lets me share my ideas wit the world.
  • I liked having a free choice about what to write about.

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Susan (Blended)

Student Reflections on Blogging

Blogging Reflection: Look over your blog posts so far for English 7. Honestly describe in detail how you think your writing has changed or improved as you have written these posts and accompanying comments. Why do think this change has occurred (or if your writing has not improved or changed, why not)? Use details and examples from your work to support your points.

March: Ever since we have started blogging in seventh grade, I feel that my writing and thought process has improved. I think that it changed because instead of just smooshing everything together, I have an image that gets me thinking about how I can organize my writing. Through commenting on people's blogging, it makes me think about the story and any questions I might have about it. One blog in particular was my survival story I notice that as I revise, I can add more of a descriptive detail to my story. Another thing that I think improved was my visualization of things. As we started out, my visualization was very poor and you couldn't imagine things that I wrote about. However, as the months passed, my visualization got better and I could easily visualize what I was writing about. I think that is pretty much all that improved during the blogging year.

May: This year in blogging, I feel that my writing was improved a lot. As I look back, I realize that many of my first blogs were very short and with little to no description. However, as the years went on, I have written with more description and even in subjects which were are not pertaining to english, namely world geography, are being written with more complex words and better overall. This is how I believe I improved through blogging. I think this happened because I realized the grade of my writing compared to others, (content, amount, word choice, etc.)

March: Blogging was a fun way for me to express myself and show my personality. I had fun learning from other people' posts too. I think blogging i is a modern way for kid's writing to get noticed. It's also an easier alternative for peer review. Blogging was a fun way to write, and I definitely see my work improving.

May: I'm really happy we got to do blogging because I have a different view on writing. With this different view on writing, I have a new motivation; a new spark for writing. My writing has improved because of the fact that my peers are viewing what I was writing. It's nice to know you can reach out to others in the form of writing, which I think is what really gave me motivation for improvement. My writing has changed because of having to write in more detail for others to be able to comprehend. I'm really happy with the results of this year's experience.

March: My blogging in English class has changed in many ways. One of the most drastic changes is the detail I put into my blog posts. I enjoy blogging way more than I did at the beginning of the year, and also have more to say in my posts.

On the first blog post I ever did, I didn't go into much detail. For example, I would say: writing grew more fun. But I could have said how it was more fun. I have slowly gotten into using more details in my other blogs. In my last blog I used a lot more detail. For example, I would say: it is also fun to play, because it is fast, light, and happy. I said what made it fun to play.

Blogging is way more fun than it was at the beginning of the year. It has changed my way of writing a lot and taught me a lot of things. I think 'Iolani should continue blogging in the years to come.

May: I think my writing has improved in many ways. At the beginning of the year I didn't have good writing skills. Now, at the end of the year, I have very good skills. Also, I enjoy blogging much more than I did at the beginning of the year. Blogging is very fun and I might want keep doing it through middle and high school.

March: I think this year my writing has gotten a lot better, because I Have learned on how to understand what I need to write and how I need to put my work together. I learned how to write in past tense and how to put my words down correctly. I think that I have learned on how to write a lot better than I started with. Before I didn't know what type of word the word is such as a verb, adjective, adverb, noun. I learned on how to write because a adverb can change another adverb, etc. I think that if I continue to write and learn on how to write that I will be a great writer and that i will learn how to enjoy writing.

March: Comparing my later blogs to the first one I composed this year, you would see that I have greatly improved with my descriptive writing skills. I have been able to find and remove unnecessary information and add information that the reader would actually care for.

Blogging has helped me learn how to write and descriptively get the main point of my blog across to the reader. Like on my blog post on why swimming is the safest sport to play in. I had to use persuasive evidence to inform the reader why swimming is safest of all other sports.

I have enjoyed blogging and I feel like it has greatly improved my writing skills. Unlike normal writing like essays, blogging is fun but teaches a lot in the process.

May: I think I have gotten much better because I tend to take blogging more seriously than normal writing because it is something that my peers would read. In my first post, I never took blogging seriously and didn't care if my peers thought I was a bad writer, but until I began to understand and enjoy blogging, I started to improve grammar errors as I wrote and used more description than I used to.

March: When I first just started blogging, I dreaded it. I absolutely couldn't stand writing anything. And now, I hate it a little less. Honestly, I still can't stand blogging. I only do it for the grade. But I have to admit that blogging has helped me become a better writer. The first few blogs sounded terrible. You really couldn't tell if I was a seventh-grader of a robot. But slowly, my writing was getting better. And that's when I found the thing that makes me hate blogging a little less. Free post. Free posts is my way to express myself freely with no worries or regrets.

Over this past school year, we haven't been writing much essays... Instead, we've been writing, BLOGS! Haha, I strongly believe that writing blogs is so much more efficient than essays. This is because you feel so powerful and in control when you're writing. I think that I have become a better writer this year because blogs. I'm writing with more detail, and more thought. I went from C's to A's and B's. I feel so much less stressed while writing blogs.

March: Earlier in the year, my blogging was less detailed and more generic. I also didn't pick up on errors like "Olie ing" when proofreading. Now, my writing has improved greatly and has become less structured and more interesting. I also proofread more thoroughly and make less mistakes.

May: Since the beginning of the year my writing has become more detailed and longer. (See video)

March: When blogging was introduced at the beginning of the year, I was not excited from this idea. I thought it would be silly and boring. Now, I realized the blogging opened up my perspective on different types of writing. It is fun to get to see and read the different posts that classmates have to offer. I began blogging as writing little, and not using my imagination to come up with all the different possibilities of adjectives and adverbs. When looking at my most recent blog post, I had so many ideas and details to write about that I wrote about 800 words, but my first blog I only wrote about 300.

I began to open up more and enjoy writing about my experiences, and read about what My other classmates have written about. I think all these grammar workbook lessons have given me more ideas to add into my posts. Throughout my whole writing experience at 'Iolani, my writing has improved and I think that I love to write more.

Writing comments have helped me think kore and be more cautious. I often write "teacher comments" and I learned how to not. Honest feedback from other classmates helped show me that my posts are read and people are interested.

May: Every year I know my writing has improved. This year, blogging helped me become more aware of my punctuation and grammar. Blogging helped me learn to address the audience that is reading my post more casually. With all the writing and lessons we do in class, I'm learning more techniques and things to use in my videos.

March: My first post was a simple introduction to my ideas for future posts and some of my background as a writer and reader. Nothing has changed since then; I still play the violin and piano, engrossed reader, and semi-constant video gamer.

This year, my goal was to improve my detail usage. However, I learned so much more. A few days later, I posted my 2nd post. It was about the soroban, the Japanese version of an abacus. I let my fingers work, work, work, and I was done. That post is my proudest accomplishment in blogging. I also learned that writing a blog is much different than traditional writing. In blogging, especially "free posts", my imagination could think freely. No restrictions were quite amazing.

It was also cool to see my friends' posts. Their thoughts and feelings in their blogs and comments inspired me to write more informative blogs.
In the next round, I wrote a persuasive mini-essay about Latin's benefits. Also, I wrote a sports blog post on bowling. I learned about effective sub-titles and great pictures.

Up to now, I have written two other posts. One included an infographic on a unique book called A Hundred-Foot Journey. A mid-aged Indian chef named Hassan recounted his family's life. Then, a post about shortcuts in computing.
In conclusion, I appreciated the fact that I could expand my ideals of writing. Next year, I wish I could continue to write more!

May: I think my writing has slightly improved and changed over the course of this year. Through blogging, I learned the effectiveness of putting details that were easier, in concept, to grasp. Sometimes long explanations made the reader confused about my topic(s). I approached my "Wittily Calculating" blog with a little more simplicity. I feel that it helped to give my readers a better understanding. I also think my writing has become more interesting to read this year. I sue more precise words that can exactly express my thoughts and feelings. Taking Latin especially helped to expand my vocabulary; the two courses paired well together. Comments forced me to observe any errors or "teacher comments" I made.

March: I can tell that my writing has changed over the year and I credit most of that to blogging. Although we write papers for other classes, such as geography, I think my writing improved most from blogging. We have written multiple blogs and looking back at them, I see a change in the content. Sure it may not be as good in some places, but overall, it is looking better.

From my first blog post to blog post six, I have seen a change. I am eliminating the 'to-be' words such as was, being, become, etc. I look back at my first blog post and I quickly noticed that it isn't formatted correctly. I squeezed everything into two paragraphs. I actually wonder why and how that was possible. That basically means that I either forgot the introduction and conclusion paragraph or i forgot to indent. I honestly can't tell which one. Moving on to my second (third actually because my second one didn't go up), I realize that I tend to repeat many things. I say it once in one paragraph again, and another time in a different paragraph. I went back to my third (fourth) blog post and it looks like my writing took a turn for the worst. I read it again and I have to say, I don't like it very much. Nothing is formatted correctly, the pictures aren't in the proper places, the writing isn't as good as it could possibly be, everything. I could have probably spent another week revising it again. I think my survival story infographic and teaser became much better. I didn't have too many errors and I am pleased with what I did. I think the infographic was a fun project. As of now, I am extremely happy with what I accomplished and where I have become as a writer.

I can tell that my writing is improving and what I do is becoming better. I am setting my goal that by the last blog post, I strive for a perfect grade. My grades aren't that bad, they are pretty stable, but it would be great to notice that I am improving. Just by reading my previous blog posts again, I realize a big difference that makes me happy. I am glad that I was able to do blogging to improve my writing.

May: I know my writing has changed. It isn't too major, but I am positive that it became better. I know that since we began blogging, my writing has forever changed. I still quickly write, but I check over my work more carefully. Although, I do miss a variety of errors that I could have changed. I don't know if it actually is apparent, but I think I am becoming better. All of my writing still needs a lot of work too. I think my writing became better because I knew that my peers, whom of which I respect, would see my work. I wouldn't want them seeing something that I wasn't proud of. I know that when I would only write for my teacher's eyes, I would still try, but I knew if was confidential. Now, with the blog, everyone can see it and talk about. If there is one thing that I don't like more than lies, is people talking about me and my work. If I hear someone saying something about my dance, I would not be happy at all. So, the same goes for writing as well. That is the main reason why I feel my writing has improved. I appreciate the fact that I got the chance to share my writing and become a better writer.

March: I think my writing has improved somewhat through blogging. It helped me practice my writing, and with the free posts, express my thoughts. With persuasive blogs, it helped me learn to write in a way that might persuade people to maybe agree to my thoughts or maybe give it a little thinking.

I think I have been able to describe things better and write in a more orderly fashion. With the survival story, I felt that I put a lot of time describing things and finding the right word. Before I was writing blogs, my body paragraphs were unclear and sometimes I didn't have an intro paragraph or a conclusion. Now with blogging, it has helped me a lot. Also, reading other people's blog posts helps me learn from them, so when I write the comments, I would think, "What makes this blog post so interesting?" Then, I write what I thought was interesting as a part of the comment and also as a thing to learn from.

I think blogging is a great way for students to express ideas and practice writing. Blogging, unlike an essay, is nice and casual. I wish that more people will open up to blogging.

May: I think that my writing has changed a lot because of all the practice I got. I'm glad that I was introduced to blogging because it is a casual way to express my feeling and my opinions to the public. I also think the comments we write are great because they give the writers an idea of what to write next, they expand on the writers idea, and they also encourage the writer.

My writing has changed through blogging because through this year, I've read many different blogs written in different ways, which gives me ideas for future blogs, and it also helps my way of writing because I can learn from others. I remember that when I wrote my very first blog, there was many grammatical errors and the blog was a little lard for even me to interpret. But reading my latest blogs, they seem more grammatically correct and are easy for me to read.

March: In the beginning of the year, I remember writing my very first blog post. I recall being very nervous yet anxiously excited. I wrote my first blog about my thoughts on writing and blogging in general. In that blog post, I wrote "Blogging: After accomplishing my first year at Iolani, I became a better writer with perfected writing skills. Now in 7th grade, my English teacher is Ms. Davis. She has given me the opportunity to create my own blog! Ms. Davis has inspired me with many stories about children who were once nobodies, that became somebodies by blogging. Although I have no experience with blogging, these stories have inspired me and I'm really excited, because now I have the opportunity of a lifetime to share my voice with the world. Even though I don’t know what to expect, I’m so thrilled and can’t wait to see how blogging changes my life." Now, after writing six more blog posts, I can truly say that blogging has changed my life. Although I'm not a perfect writer, I feel that blogging has helped me take baby steps towards becoming a powerful writer.

Blogging helped me in many ways, but I feel that it strongly forced me to use descriptive words and work on my punctuation and grammar. In one of my first blog posts I wrote, ".... I hear they feel as soft as clouds." Now I write sentences like, "The Hina-ningyo is typically a five or seven-tiered display draped in a luscious red carpet."

I really enjoyed blogging and hope the 7th graders next year are able to experience it too. Blogging allowed my voice to be heard, it gave me more confidence, a positive attitude and changed my whole perspective on writing. I now no longer see writing is a chore, but as an outlet. Free posts were my favorite, because I could write about whatever was on my mind. Blogging has given me life skills that I will use for the rest of my life.

May: I feel my writing drastically improved over this year. A big reason why I feel I had such a big improvement, was because of blogging. In the beginning of the year, I didn't know much about grammar, and I wasn't a confident and powerful writer. Since I knew my blogs were going to be seen by many people, I took more time in editing my blogs. Blogging also gave me a voice. It gave me a chance to share my voice with the world. For example, in the persuasion essay, I got to share my opinions and thoughts on a topic. Blogging was a great experience and I'm so lucky I was given the opportunity to do it.

March: At the start of our blogging I wasn't confident and I portrayed blogging as just another piece of writing we had to do. My first blog was about blogging and how my passion for writing can help me with my future blogging. I wasn't really into the assignment and just did it because we had to. But, as the blogging went on I got into my groove and started to really like it. With all the pictures, tags, and links I really learned to like blogging. And the fact that we can see all of our classmates writing is great.

I can take this style of writing for the rest of my life because its a fun but also informative. Today I feel more confident in my writing even though I might be very slow I try my best and I know. What I take from blogging is just having fun, expressing your feelings, and also being informative.

May: I believe my writing has improved very much. I think this is because throughout the year we used the grammar book and blogged at the same time. The grammar book helped me to use bigger and more correct tenses. For example, presently I am writing this (adverb). My writing has improved very much and I am greatful to Mrs. Davis.

March: I have found that blogging has increased my abilities to use data in writing. In my first blog post I don't reference any data at all only relying on my thoughts. Because of this I wasn't able to use great detail e.g. I say that the boats I sail are 8-12 feet long but I don't give any idea of size or shape. On my recent posts I am able to use my research to deepen the reader's understanding of my subject. For example I link to websites which not only reinforce the reader's understanding, but give them a resource to expand their knowledge.
Another skill that I was able to improve in my blog posts was proofreading. Although in my recent blog posts I made errors they still were better than my first ones. For example in my first blog post I made mistakes such as forgetting spaces or not using important commas. In my most recent blog post I have very few errors that aren't as noticeable.

May: My writing has improved vastly from October to May. Looking back at my first blog I cringe at my simple sentences and small vocabulary, for example I said: "Writing is something that I won't do willingly, but when I write about something I enjoy, it's fun." This is very boring to read and uses a very limited vocabulary. If I could re write this I would say something like: I don't willingly write often, the only time I do is when I'm writing about things I enjoy. My intro to PC gaming blog not only show much better comprehension of grammar but also the ability to write about much more without losing focus.

May: I don't really know what to think about blogging. I like reading them, but not writing them. Writing them has built up commotion and stress that I definitely don't need. But reading blogs are always fun. Has me writing improved? Maybe a little grammatically, and less comma mistakes. So overall I would say, yes I guess it did. For me I think I felt a bit more creative when writing as the year went on, comparing my first post to my last post, I had more fancy words to use. Though I wish we had more time, and less annoyance. More time will always be welcomed.

March; I think one thing that was very different to me about blogs was that you actually have to interest the reader. Usually when you write an essay for your teacher it doesn't have to be interesting, they still have to read it anyways to give you a grade. At the worst, your teacher just might give you a bad grade. Yet, for blog posts you actually have to interest you reader and engage them in what you have to see. For my blog post, if it isn't interesting, no one is going to want to read it which would mean that all my hard work was for nothing. In all of my blogs I spent a lot of time trying to think of a good topic for my readers. When I wrote a blog about having no homework, three people commented on my post because it was investing and easy to relate to. On the other hand, my blog about the Hunger Games didn't get any comments because there are other blogs that are more interesting to read.

May: This year blogging has changed my writing because I now know how to write for an audience. I feel like writing for and audience is quite different than just writing for your teacher because you have more people that have to approve of your writing. I think that in general writing blogs improves my grammar because more people are reading my blogs so it makes me try harder.

March: I think blogging improved my writing a lot. Blogging opened my eyes to different beginnings and ways to describe things. In blogs you need a hook at the beginning to draw your reader in, and I would always start off boring like; This paragraph would be about...etc. Now I realize that you should ask a question or do a personal connection so other people can relate, and continue reading. When we were writing our story and I turned in my first draft, I honestly got sick of my writing and just wanted to start over. When I got my feedback I realized that I'm too vague and I needed to create more detail. I started writing out everything that came to my head. If I am talking about my characters clothes, I would write everything that I pictured in my head. Before I would just write what I needed too, and I never realized that my readers can't go into my head and know the story. I needed to descriptively write it out for them. Also the comments helped me realize that I would always write teacher comments and those aren't for the students. Now I dig deeper and relate to what I think about this blog. I responded to a fellow classmate about a new app that is thriving and I just kept on writing about how much I love this game and how often I would play it. I never said anything about this topic is good or how much I love the way she wrote about it.

May: I think that my blogging experience will take me far in writing. I learned how to summarize things better and tighten my paragraphs. I never blogged before in my life and now I really enjoy it. I also never knew that comments can have different meanings in them. There are teacher comments and thoughtful comments. I have social media and the longest comment I put under people's posts are tbhs' (to be honest). Now I know that there are different kinds of comments. I've learned a lot from this year of blogging.

March: After reading my blog posts I have realized how much better they have become. In my first blog post my writing was choppy and not very detailed. Now they are fluent and very detailed. Not only has my writing changed but my thought of reading. Before I never liked to read at full page of a blog. Now I wish there was more. Blogging has definitely changed my life and I wish my other schools had done it.

May: See video.

March: So far, it hasn't occurred to me that blogging has helped my writing. As I read through my previous blog posts, there hasn't been much of a difference. I just don't think that I was cutout to be a fantastic writer. I think the problem is that I don't read much, and that could be a big factor as in why my writing has not improved.

May: I think that my writing has became a little bit better because reading blogs have helped my writing because when I read more of people's blogs who are good at writing then my writing becomes better. When I read well written blog posts it gives it comes naturally to write better. But I think that reading in general in class will help me write better because I can hear it out pound and I will also speak better.

Kyung Ju
March: I think that writing all of these blogs helped me to grow as a writer because I feel that now I take more time to look at other people's writing and not just my own. In one of my blog posts, I wrote about my peer's blog post. If I hadn't been given that assignment I probably would never have looked at will's blog post. When I did, it really started a conversation not with will but with myself. I had all of these thoughts jumbled in my mind that I never even knew were there. When I finally got to writing and organizing them, it all made sense to me. I was able to give myself and the reader closure on the thoughts that might have been going through their head as well. I commented on will's blog and it felt good to have started this conversation. Blogging made me appreciate others' writing more.

While blogging, I had a lot of trouble focusing on the little things like grammar, punctuation or even spelling. Going back and editing never used to be a top priority. This year I realized that editing made all the difference on whether the reader takes your writing seriously or thinks that you are a total amateur.

May: See video.

March: I think my writing has changed for the better because I am able to speak for fluently through my writing and express my thoughts without holding back. I think this change has occurred because I have been challenged throughout this school year which has helped me to make my writing become better. Like in my last blog post which was a free I was able to express my feelings about a certain topic about bodyboarding not hiding anything back.

May: I think that my writing has changed dramatically over the year. I feel more like myself now that write. I am able to express my true feeling into writing without holding back. Sometimes I get held back sometimes when I write but over all writing has become easier for me over the year.

March: I feel my writing has improved because I was given the opportunity to experience blogging to the outside world. When I write and other people read it, it makes me work harder so my writing is not bad. Blogging allows us to express our feeling and opinions with other people. By doing this, I can open up more through writing.

I think my writing had gotten better because I've learned to look over my writing more carefully. For example, I can put commas in correct places. In some places I may put commas in the wrong places or forget to put one in, but I am more consistent than I was at the beginning of the year. With commas I have learned about interruptions, and that you need two commas before and after the interruption. In my blog post "Innovating Covers", there is a sentence that says, "When you sing a cover you can fix it to fit your voice, which helps to show that this song is created, as well as performed, in your own way." There is an interruption and I have learned to put the commas in the right places.

I think this change or improvement has occurred due to the English Grammar workbook. I think the workbook helps us to learn the right grammar. And it really supports our writing. For example, adjectives. I have learned when and where to use adjectives and it has made my writing better because it adds details to my writing.

May: I think my writing has improved because I can go into more depth. I can write more about my topic. For example, there is more detail about my topic so viewers have a more visual picture of what I am trying to say. I found ways to write interesting topics about things that I am passionate about. Grammar has also helped to improve my writing. Because I know this, I can write correctly. Because we wrote many comments, I have learned to ask more questions that go into more depth.

I think this has occurred due to constantly writing blogs. With each new blog we learned something new and faced new challenges. This allowed us to work harder and write more interesting and informing information that people find entertaining. For example, with each free post I did I could continue to build up on my previous work. And because I wanted to make sure that each blog post was better than the next, I worked harder. This is how my writing has improved.

March: I think that writing these blog post have really helped me to improve my writing. I went back to read some of my blog post and I found that when I had written about the dodgeball game, that I was just giving a summary of what happened during the game and I didn't go into detail about what had happened. In my creative story blog post I saw that I had more detail on what was going on then before, but I still have some problem with showing and not telling. I think that through all of the proofreading and editing that I have done myself has helped me to pick up on what I should and shouldn't look like.

May: I think that my writing has improved a lot by writing these blogs. I think that I was pushed near my limit but it was not too much that I couldn't handle. Something's were hard to grasp onto and understand but for the most part I was able to pick it up pretty fast. I really liked the blogs because it helped me to be more creative and explore different ideas. It also gave me a chance to say what I was thinking. I think that this style of teaching was good. It gives the students more freedom to write what they want to write about. I think it improved my writing because it gave me freedom for what I wanted to say.

March: Because of blogging, I think I have been writing more freely and blogging helps give me a chance to share my opinions and share my creative writing with others. Over the past few months, I have learned to always proofread because my classmates will see my work. Looking over my past blog posts, I have noticed that my sentences are very long and "run-on" sentences. I think the cause of this improvement is that I realized if people wanted to read my work, they don't want to read posts that are uninteresting to them and posts that don't make sense.

Blogging has given me a chance to write what I want to write about in a different kind of way. I especially like the free posts. The free posts give us (students) to write about what we want. Free posts kind of helps the bloggers and the students/viewers at the same time. As bloggers, we are able to write about things that we think are worth sharing to the world. As viewers, we get to see what people think are the most important things in the world right now and what their passion is. If the bloggers didn't think it was important, then they wouldn't be sharing it.

Before blogging, I wasn't that ecstatic about writing. And when I found out we were blogging in the seventh grade, I have to admit, I was pretty stoked. I got kind of scared and my confiden kind of went down. I thought about if other people would like my posts and how it it would affect me. When I posted my first blog post, I was really anxious, I wanted to see what people thought about my work. When Ms. Davis said that we had to do comments, I was worried I wouldn't find anything to comment about. To my surprise, many people had posts that interested me a lot. I found many posts that I commented on. There were even moments on my work! I was so happy. When someone comments on your work, you feel like someone agrees with you and shares the same interests; that they want to learn more about you.

May: I think my writing has changed drastically since the start of the year. I think I am more confident in the way I write now because I get to share my writing to Kid Blog. I think I have been more careful about my writing and what I am going to share. I am also glad that I blogged this year because each time I post my blog post, I feel really good about it and I am proud of the work that I have done. Blogging also helped me share my interests and write about what I want to write during Free Posts. In the beginning of my KidBlog career, you could say, I was very shy and scared to post my blog. But, over time, I gained more confidence. I don't know if it was just because I like writing more, or if I saw comments on my blog. I'm very glad that I got introduced to blogging this year. I think it really improved my writing.

March: I think my writing has really gotten better. I learned so much from just writing and reading blogs. The comments helped me connect with the author of the post and really think deep about what I'm going to write. The short stories really helped me to like writing. It showed me the excitement and the joy of writing. It made my imagination run wild and also made me think about what the plot is, who the characters are, and what the characters are trying to achieve. The blog posts helped me to see and fix grammar errors and unclear sentences. Like the most recent post, blog post 6, I didn't give a lot of information on why I wanted to do this and who said that you should do this. I found a quote from a great baseball player named Carl Yastrzemski who is a hall of famer. That helped me to get a good reason to write this blog.

May: See video.

March: Over the course of this the third quarter, I think my writing became more complex and detailed in response to the three most recent blog post. I believe my stories and essays slowly matured as I attempted to fashion my stories to books I have read in the past. For example, my survival I'm Coming, I wanted to use descriptive words to set the scene like books such as The Outsiders. Also, in my blog post 6, I hoped to be informative yet still capture the attention of my audience. I attempted to pursue this by creating sentences that were easier to follow to not lose the interest of the readers.

I got inspiration to change my style of writing from previous reviews by my classmates and Ms. Davis. Due to my experiences with the earlier blog posts, I felt a need to include more detail and making my ideas more to-the-point. I hope to use these skills in the next round of blogging in the fourth quarter and to expand on my capabilities as a writer.

May: See video.

March: I know my writing has changed over these 5-6 blogs because, I never knew that I could have so much imagination. I strongly agree that my writing has improved with doing blogs because in each and every blog I have learned more and got to say a lot about just one topic. On my first blog, I don't think I did so well because I just got introduced to it. But now, I think my writing has changed.

I think my writing changed so dramatically because I got more and more comfortable with my own writing and how I express things. These blogs really made an impact in my English grade and my English experience. I started off so weak because, I went to a Hawaiian immersion school and we didn't get introduced to English till the 5th grade. So all I really knew how to write was Hawaiian.

In my blog post #1, I wrote about Hawaiian Language. I had a lot of errors. If it wasn't for Ms. Davis to guide me through it and help me with all my errors, I wouldn't have learned a lot from those errors. In the beginning of the year, I was struggling with English because I was probably the only one that didn't know some things about English because everyone was introduced to English before me. Which made me weak in the class.

Throughout all of my blogs, I was gaining less errors from the beginning of the year because somewhere in the year my whole class, including me, didn't know something that we just learned. That helped me get stronger in English.

May: When I started blogging, honestly, I sucked. Over the year, I didn't really have experience with English at my old school so I struggled. But at the end of the year, I saw that my writing has been improving dramatically from the first blog to the last, it totally improved. Ms. Davis always told me to come to extra help to put my blog up, I kept ignoring. But when I finally realized, it was way too late. Ms. Davis thankfully gave me a second chance to come after school. For her future students, I definitely suggest to coming to extra help when you have the chance.

Clearly, in my first post, I got 30 points. But when I see the blog posts after it, it keeps going up but not really much, but it changed.

March: Throughout the year, as I have been blogging, I think that my writing has improved in the way that I am paying more attention to how I can create a larger impact on the writer. I have also improved on the different kinds of vocabulary I use in my essays to create a better effect. For example, when I first started blogging in October, I found myself always using words such as was, like, had, and so. I also found many grammatically incorrect sentences, punctuation errors, and run-ons. I also realized that in the middle of my post, I would start to get off track and my post would lose its purpose.

I noticed that I was making vocabulary errors in the making of my survival story. Mrs. Davis made us highlight all of the words such as was, had, like, and so. This brought my errors to attention and I replaced those words with better words and phrases. When I reread my story, it turned out much more clear and vivid than it was before. And in my latest post, Mrs. Davis brought to my attention my bad habits of getting off track. When I fixed my errors and made my post more organized, it was much easier to comprehend, and flowed much more smoothly.

May: After blogging for a large chunk of the school year, I think that my writing has improved quite a bit. I feel that my grammar is better, I use more words that are available to create a bigger impact on the reader, and I feel less restricted in my writing.

I think my grammar has improved through the many class discussions that we had when Mrs. Davis emphasizes on the key points of our writing, whether it's comma rules, or pronouns. And at the beginning of my blogging, in my drafts, I would always submit and have the draft come back with many grammatical errors for me to correct. And after going through the process of revising my drafts again and again, I started to find ways to keep those errors from being made in the first place.

I also started to use better words in my writing because after being sent back to my desk several times to use better words after seeing Mrs. Davis. Being sent back to do something over again always frustrates me, so I found words to replace the dull words so that wouldn't happen.

I also feel less restricted in my writing because after blogging for a while, I learned that I don't have to write about what people want to hear, and that I can write freely about what I think is right in my mind.

March: I think blogging is the most fun thing we've done this year. I especially like the free posts, because I can share all the information I know on topics I love. My writing has improved in a few different aspects. I have a stronger voice now, and my writing isn't so monotone. I've learned to play with words instead of being sick of having to write them. I've also become more efficient when I write. Now, I can write much more in a certain period of time because of the experience of having to be productive when we have blog post deadlines. I hope we do blogging next year.

May: My writing has more voice and I take more time to make my writing interesting because of blogging. I think this change took place because the free posts gave me an opportunity to express myself as an authority. Also, reading other blogs that had a unique voice inspired me to find my own. I started taking more time in my writing because I wanted to make my posts look as good and read as smoothly as possible. I can see that from my first blog post up until now, my posts became more engaging and my writing wasn't as focused as it was on grammar than on being interesting to read.

March: I think that blogging is a great way to learn about writing. Instead of writing boring research papers, we get to write about things that we want to write about. In "free posts," we get to pick any topic to write about and I like that. I get to express my feelings about a certain topic.

I think that blogging is good because it helps us learn, but also lets us have fun with learning. Blogging not only l to us have fun, but it lets us learn something new. When I am looking for information on my topic, I learn a lot.

My writing has changed tremendously. I saw a huge amount of improvement in every single blog. In my first blog, it was very general and too "childish" I guess. My Cancer awareness post was where I saw the most improvement. I learned from each blog post and grew as a writer.

May: I feel that my writing has improved greatly because of blogging because it taught me to write in detail and SDT. I have learned to show what I a saying instead of saying it. The comments taught me to really reflect on a certain piece of writing. The grammar I learned really helped me write my posts too. I think that the blogging has improved my writing because I was able to express myself through poems that I wrote on my blogs. The blogs made writing fun and interesting. I think that I prefer blogging over regular writing assignments like essays or other assignments.

March: Blogging has changed the way I feel about writing. I feel like my writing has improved because I am gaining interest in writing. In my first blog “Writing Through Life,” I talked about when I was not very interested in writing and how I was starting to get more interested. In that blog I talked about how I would write about things I didn’t care about. I feel like i have improved greatly on enjoying writing.

May: My writing has more voice and I take more time to make my writing interesting because of blogging. I think this change took place because the free posts gave me an opportunity to express myself as an authority. Also, reading other blogs that had a unique voice inspired me to find my own. I started taking more time in my writing because I wanted to make my posts look as good and read as smoothly as possible. I can see that from my first blog post up until now, my posts became more engaging and my writing wasn't as focused as it was on grammar than on being interesting to read.